Workshift Managers



  • You are down hours and need hours to do
  • You want paid workshift ($13 an hour; must have an I-9 on file at Central)
  • There is a mistake with your workshift balance, sign-off history
  • You can’t do your workshift because of injury, illness, or vacation (at least 3 days in advance unless medical emergency)
  • You find that a workshift is not being done properly or that a problem in the house needs workshift to be solved
  • Your workshift took much longer (maybe someone previous skipped their shift or maybe it was just a huge mess) than the hours you are credited
  • You have any suggestions or requests regarding workshift


  • Email
    • Reply if there’s no response in 2 days
    • Reply if there’s no resolution in a week
    • With cooperativity in mind, use your common sense to hand
  • Flag us down in common space
    • If it’s an emailable issue, start there. Almost always, we’ll need our computers to change something on the workshift website.
    • If it’s an emergency, definitely bother us!
  • Please don’t email our personal email for workshift-related questions! We have lives of our own.