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On the phrase “Cloyne is suck”

You may have noticed the phrase “Cloyne is suck” somewhere at Cloyne. In my time here, I’ve seen or heard it on multiple occasions: scratched into pavement, chalked up in a bathroom and in the courtyard, and said over email and in conversation. However, given its history, I think the use of this phrase is against values of inclusion here at Cloyne. For people who may have forgotten or never even heard it to begin with (who I imagine constitute all, or almost all, of the people who use it today), I’d like to share the backstory behind the phrase, some of its current usages, and my thoughts on all of this.*

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We Did It! + Summer Goodbye

Hi Cloyne!

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Spring 2018 was a pleasure. Being your Prez was very fulfilling–and I’m happy to say that when I come back in the fall, I will return in the position!

That feels nice, knowing I get to continue to chill with my friends AND smash that democratic like next semester. In the summer, Lana and Rosa will Co-Prez (and I’m sure they will be great).

Just wanted to reflect on some amazing things we did this semester!


  • had a huge welcome week for new members
  • had a bunch of awesome study parties
  • David Peterson (the language creator from Game of Thrones and many more things) came and talked with us!
  • So did John Denero,  UCB’s resident great CS Prof.
  • Threw a Quinceañera themed Special Dinner
  • Ate a LOT of food
  • Took a LOT of tests
  • Made homemade lanterns
  • Played Sardines (and got lost in our big, big house)

and we did more I can’t exactly remember.

A lot of members in the house don’t actually know we have this page, outside of knowing it holds our Bylaws and House Policies. A lot of people that live here don’t exactly know (or may not care) that when you Google Cloyne, this is what pops up–and whether or not people read these posts, they exist for people to learn more about the house–to want to live here. But I love posting on here anyway. For me, the first thing I did when I learned I got into Cal was look at where I might live. Everyone knows housing is few and far between, and I had no idea that the Coops were a thing–and when I found out, Cloyne was the first name I saw, and so the first one I Googled. And when this blog came up, and the last post was about Rice and Beans, it was in a weird way welcoming. Like, this place feels lived in even over the internet.

And so living here this last year felt homey, this last semester especially.

This last semester, we cooked probably our weight in rice and beans. The cooking was divine, the music in the kitchen booming every beautiful day from 7 am to 10 pm. The dancing and stirring.

We did a lot this semester, and I would like to think we did a lot as a Manager Team, but most of all I am proud that what this did this semester was commune together. We lived together. We lived! We made it to the end of the semester! Another one successful purely because here we are. And I am proud to have done this with and through this house and community.

A lot of Clones (my friends) have just graduated; today was General Commencement. Because I am going home for the summer, though I am promising to come visit before August, many of these amazing people I am sadly sure I will never see again. So while this post is to commemorate how much fun we had and what we have done and what we have built and experienced, this is also about saying goodbye to the Clones that are leaving.

Goodbye, and thank you. You did it, and I’m so happy and proud for you, and to know you, and I wish you well. May the summer be one of joy (internships, jobs, travel, leisure, swimming, melon, sunbathing, concerts, NSF parties, camping, reading, running, loving, leaving, coming back).

Signing off (but only for so long),