Contacting coordinators

You may reach individual coordinators by emailing them at the addresses below. Please note the communication etiquette below. You can reach all coordinators by emailing Note that any emails you sent to (or from) addresses may be monitored by central-level staff.

Coordinator emails

Anti-Oppression Coordinator(s)
Waste Reduction Coordinators (WRMs)
Board Representatives
Mutual Aid Coordinator(s)
Academic Theme Coordinator
Network Coordinator
Software Coordinator
Hardware Coordinator
Garden Coordinator
Health Worker
Social Coordinator

Communication etiquette

  • Unless it’s an emergency, coordinators may only want to communicate via their coordinator email
    • This might exclude: text, personal/school email, Facebook, going to their room, etc.
    • You can ask them their individual preferences/boundaries!
  • In common space, get consent before asking a question
    • Coordinators are also students (as well as human beings!) and may have another job — so they may be in the middle of making food before a long day of class and work
    • Real consent means making it possible and easy to say no, which you can do by saying things like “it’s okay if not” and/or offering another time
  • Give coordinators 48 hours (or so) to respond to non-urgent emails
    • Coordinators get way too many emails, on top of personal and school email, and may be in the middle of working on things
    • If you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time, bump the email
    • If you still haven’t heard back after another day or so, and the email is time-sensitive, cc the House President(s) and/or Facilities Coordinator
  • Fill out forms and look at sheets when you can (see email signatures)
    • There are forms and sheets for things like maintenance and food requests, internet issues, Cloyne Core Values and Home Improvement hours, etc.