Bathroom Cleans

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Bathroom Policy Back to Table of Contents

  1. All members are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of common bathrooms.
  2. The Facilities Manager is responsible for creating and checking bathroom cleaning schedules.
  3. Members will be assigned bathroom cleans on a rotation to be shared as equally as possible among floor residents.
  4. Temporary bathroom cleaning shifts will be posted at the beginning of the semester. Completed temporary bathroom cleans will count as workshift at the discretion of the Facilities Manager.
  5. Permanent bathroom cleaning shifts will be assigned within 3 days of room bids.
  6. Members will be required to clean their bathroom twice during the week they are scheduled to clean their bathroom.


Bathroom Fines: Back to Table of Contents

  1. Members who fail to complete a bathroom clean by the assigned completion time will be fined 1.5 hours at the workshift rate.
  2. Members will be fined an additional 1.5 hours at the workshift rate per missed bathroom clean for the third and subsequent missed bathroom clean in a single term.
  3. Members who have missed 4 or more bathroom cleans in a term will be issued a conditional contract requiring them to not collect any further bathroom fines in the term and not to exceed 2 missed bathroom cleans per term in the future.
  4. Members will be informed of all missed bathroom cleans at each workshift fine date.
  5. Make-up bathroom cleans will be compensated at the rate of .75 hours at the workshift rate per bathroom clean