One of the beautiful things about Cloyne is the dynamicity of its spaces, and how they resist single functions. That said, most of the first-floor spaces tend to serve mainly social functions, outside spaces are especially relaxing, and the basement centers around recreation. We also have a handful of amenities in other places, both physical and digital. This page gives an overview of our amenities, but you can also explore it yourself during our traditional beginning-of-semester game of Sardines (or on your own time).

First Floor

As Cloyne is substance-free, the social life is different from other student housing establishments. However, that doesn’t mean that residents can’t have a good time! Whether it’s cooking and singing your heart out in the kitchen, sharing your talent at an Open Mic or our band night (Cloyne + Coachella = Clochella!), organizing a picnic or a nail-painting party, or just hanging out, Cloyne is a wonderful place to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Industrial Kitchen: Ever seen “Chef’s Table” on Netflix? Well with a little practice you could be cranking out 3-star meals in Cloyne’s professional-grade kitchen. With a well-stocked pantry with everything from tapioca to dried poblano chiles to two different types of paprika (wow!), your potential culinary adventures are endless. Beyond that, there is a professional grade speaker, so you can jam out while perfecting your culinary masterpieces! (Just be respectful of quiet hours)

Lib-Ed: In all honesty I’m not exactly sure why its called the “Lib-Ed”, though some say it’s short for “Liberal Education”! This room is chock-full of comfy couches that are perfect for studying in comfort. Also in the Lib-Ed is a panoply of board games perfect for a night of wholesome fun (and some less wholesome fun—there’s a unique Cloyne version of Cards Against Humanity!). A big bonus in this room is the projector and pull-down screen, which gets used heavily (and I mean heavily). Perfect for watching the Warriors, reruns of The Office, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series, the Lib-Ed is one of the most popular rooms in Cloyne.

Dining Room: The center of social life at Cloyne, the dining room (which some have dubbed the “Great Hall”) brings members together for dinner after a long day of school, brunch for a Saturday when it’s too cold or when it’s rainy outside, and Council for Cloyne’s democratic process. The room also sports a massive whiteboard calendar for Cloyne events and members’ birthdays, so that you never forget when the next social takes place (though you can also add Cloyne’s events automatically to your personal calendar, for those who are more digital).

Library: Do you know how to read? If so you’ll make great use of Cloyne’s library. More than just a room of comfy chairs, our library is filled with donated books ranging from Ancient Greek tragedies to comic books to used course readers and textbooks.

Pool Room: Do you suck at pool? Are you the next world champ? Regardless of your skill level, Cloyne’s pool room is a great way to spend a few minutes or a few hours playing with your housemates.

Laundry Room: Do you like clean clothes? I hope so! Anyways Cloyne has two laundry rooms, one on the first floor which is wheelchair-accessible, and one in the basement replete with 4 washers and dryers. What’s super cool is that you can pay with an app so that there’s no need to save quarters! It’s 75 cents for the washer, and 50 cents for the dryer. The house also provides free detergent which really does add up if you have to buy it yourself! You can even be sustainable and dry your clothes (for free!) on our laundry line outside in the garden.


Garden: Do you like things that are inherently beautiful? Of course you do and of course you’ll fall in love with Cloyne’s garden. With beautiful shade-giving palm and deciduous trees above and a blanket of plants and blooming flowers below, Cloyne is an oasis in every sense of the word. Perhaps you’re more practical and you only appreciate plants that you can eat, well then, we have rosemary, basil and more! No need to buy expensive herbs when you’ve got a veritable farmer’s market out back. I’ve also heard rumors that there is a passion fruit tree somewhere!

[photo of garden]


  • Seating: With numerous outdoor seating options (some shaded, some sunny), the courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. There’s also an iconic hammock tied between two giant palm trees.
  • Basketball Court: With a full-sized basketball court, there’s no excuse not to work on your jump shot. From friendly games of horse to competitive games between students and professors, the basketball court is the perfect way to blow off some steam after hitting the books.
  • Bike parking: Do you have a bike that you wouldn’t want stolen? Bike theft in Berkeley is practically an epidemic, but Cloyne’s bike parking (covered and uncovered) is the perfect place to lock up your two-wheeled friend without worry.

SaunaDid you just read “sauna”?! Yes you did just read “sauna”! Right out back there is a separate little building that houses Cloyne’s very own working sauna. It doesn’t get a lot of use and I’m not exactly sure why. Pro-tip: Dump some water on the heater and it will get very very hot and very very steamy. Directions: exit Cloyne via the door by the Makerspace and to your left there is a wooden shed; open up and get steamyyyy!


Makerspace: Do you like making things? Are you good with arts and crafts, or have you ever wanted to 3D print something? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then our “Makerspace” is the place for you. With drawers filled with paint, yarn, and other artistic materials, here you can let your inner Picasso shine. We also have a 3D printer, TV, Wii, GameCube, and a working sewing machine! Every now and then workshops are put on like tie-dying, and paper lanterns—‘cause arts and crafts are more fun with others!

[photo of Makerspace]

Free Pile: Do you like free stuff? Is spending money when you don’t need to not your cup of tea? Well at Cloyne we have literally a pile of free stuff! Well it’s actually not a “pile” because it’s pretty organized. But anyways, check out this room downstairs for gently used clothes, electronics, books, sheets, and general knicknacks! We also occasionally organize an “anti-capitalist exchange”, where people trade stuff they don’t want for stuff they do want (no money involved)!

Gym: Are you an aspiring bodybuilder or maybe just trying to get those endorphins flowing? Either way, Cloyne’s gym is a great place to accomplish your goals without having to walk 20 minutes to the Recreational Sports Facility (UC Berkeley’s gym). Our gym houses a bench, a squat rack, yoga mats, dumbbells, a punching bag, a few cardio machines, a rowing machine, and a pull up bar. You can also play your music out loud on our speakers without being the obnoxious guy at the gym! (Just be sure to respect quiet hours)

Music Room: Fun fact: way back when, Green Day performed in Cloyne’s basement. Today you’ll often find Clones (our word for Cloyne residents) jamming out with friends or working on their own solo masterpieces. With amps, a keyboard, and solid acoustics, our music room is the perfect place to perfect your musical craft.

Meditation Room: Whether you’re a Buddhist monk or just a stressed student trying to center yourself, the mediation room in the basement is a great place to sit down, take some deep breaths, and find that peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

Darkroom: Do you eschew digital cameras for old-school film-based ones? If so, Cloyne has its very own darkroom where you can develop all your artsy retro shots without having to go to an expensive camera shop!


Do you like fast internet? I’m sure someone out there likes it when Netflix buffers, but I’m guessing that’s not you. Anyways we have high speed fiber-optic internet that’s less than $1/semester/member—so that’s a plus. We also have a Minecraft server, an email listserv, a group Facebook page, a discussion platform for Council called PeerMind, a general website, AND a blog—hosted on our own in-house server (except Facebook)!! SO MANY DIGITAL AMENITIES!!1!


Nice Room: Called the “nice room” because it’s actually a really nice room, this second floor space (unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible) is filled with countless comfy chairs and a view of the garden. Right next to the second floor deck (which is great for sunbathing), the room is the perfect place to chat with friends or get back to that novel you promise yourself you’ll read but you never do.

C33 Bathroom: Do you like being clean? Is smelling like decaying onions not your vibe? Well if you’re getting bored of showers, try out Cloyne claw foot bathtub in room C33 (third floor of Central wing)! It’s rarely used but it’s a real gem of the house nonetheless. Fire up some bath bombs and get sudzzy!!

Written by [redacted]* (member) in Fall ’18

*: redacted per request of that member.