If you need help with an issue, check out this flowchart to see who you should talk to, then check out the coordinator pages below! You can check out the formal job descriptions, and also more informal job descriptions. Below you can find some more personal information about the current coordinators:

Compensated Coordinators

Compensated coordinator positions are required by the BSC to be filled, and are compensated by having a certain percentage of their rent paid. They also tend to require more work than uncompensated positions. These positions include House Coordinator, House President, Workshift Coordinator, Maintenance Coordinators, Community Coordinator(s), Board Representatives, and Food and Kitchen Coordinators. If you’re interested in running for a compensated coordinator position but would like more information, any of these coordinators would be happy to talk to you! See each coordinator’s page for contact methods and further information about each position.

Community Coordinator
Food Coordinators
Kitchen Coordinators
House Coordinator
House Presidents
Maintenance Coordinators
Waste Reduction Coordinators (WRMs)
Workshift Coordinators

Uncompensated Coordinators

Some coordinator positions are not compensated with rent, but instead fulfill some or all of the coordinator’s owed workshift. Uncompensated coordinator positions include Social Coordinator, Network Coordinator, Makerspace Coordinator, Health Worker, Garden Coordinator, Mail Coordinator, Secretary, Historian, Librarian, and Common Electronics Coordinator. If you’re interested in running for an uncompensated coordinator position, any of the coordinators listed would be happy to talk to you! See each coordinator’s page for preferred contact methods and more information about the position.

Board Representatives
Academic Theme Coordinator
Common Electronics Coordinator
Garden Coordinator
Health Worker
Mail Coordinator
Makerspace Coordinator
Network Coordinator
Social Coordinator