Votes of Confidence

What are VOC’s?

Votes of Confidence (aka VOC’s) are your opportunity for reviewing and potentially recalling your elected and democratically accountable coordinators.

Most materially, you give a vote of confidence or a vote of no confidence for each coordinator. Per Cloyne’s Bylaws, if quorum has been reached (at least 70 votes), and if a simple majority of votes are of no confidence for a particular coordinator, recall proceedings will be initiated immediately. 

Usually, though, it’s not that extreme! Usually VOC’s are an opportunity for you to voice your needs and concerns, and for coordinators to grow within their role.

We encourage everyone to give feedback/criticism if you have time, as it helps us as coordinators grow and better serve you all as members. Please read through reports made by the coordinators as well as information about VOC’s. Tl;dr:

  • Consider using nonviolent communication: say what happened, how it made you feel, what your needs are, and specific requests for going forwards.  
  • Your comments must not constitute discrimination, harassment, or a threat to someone’s safety. Any and all of these comments may be de-anonymized. 
    • Note: Criticisms of actions taken by members in their capacities as coordinators does not constitute harassment.

Have further questions? Check out this informational guide on VOC’s, which touches on the following topics:

  • What you should do before/during/after giving VOC’s
  • How you can provide constructive feedback/criticism
  • Unacceptable comments
  • Anonymity and confidentiality of your responses
  • Receiving criticism productively

Drafted by Josh Lavine in Fall 2019