Link to the official bylaws google doc [a]

A. Member Obligations

  1. Members are required to perform faithfully, efficiently, and in a timely fashion, all work assigned to them under the workshift system.
  2. All fees and fines must be paid in full by the corresponding deadline specified in this document, mandated by Council or the Facilities Coordinator, or else by the end of the contract period. Late fees may be assessed for failure to either remit payment in a timely fashion or make arrangements with the Facilities Coordinator in advance of the deadline.
  3. Members must comply with all central level policy, all house by-laws, policies and standing rules, and must follow both the spirit and letter of all policies relating to Substance-Free Academic Theme Housing.  


B. Grievances and Contestations

  1. Cooperation
  2. Rights and Rules
  3. Grievance Procedure
  4. Contestation Procedure
  5. House Level Terminations

C. Cloyne Council and Meeting Procedures

  1. Council
  2. Motions and Voting
  3. Motion Update Procedure
  4. Elections
    1. Calling Elections
    2. For all Elections
    3. Running Elections
  1. Votes of Confidence
    1. Fall and Spring VOCs
    2. Summer VOCs
    3. Conducting VOCs

D. Use of Space

  1. Quiet Hours
  2. Bathroom Policy
  3. Bathroom Fines

E. Coordinator Job Descriptions

  1. Shared Responsibilities
  2. Attendance and Accountability
  3. Coordinator Accountability/Removal of Coordinator
  4. Coordinator Drop-Outs
  5. Assistants
  6. Compensation for Coordinators
  7. Holding Multiple Compensated Positions
  8. Compensated Coordinators
    1. House Coordinator
    2. Community Coordinator
    3. House President
    4. Workshift Coordinators
    5. Kitchen Coordinators
    6. Food Coordinators
    7. Maintenance Coordinators
    8. Waste Reduction Coordinators (WRMs)
    9. Network Coordinator
    10. Board of Directors Representative(s)
    11. Garden Coordinator
    12. Winter Break Coordinator
  1. Uncompensated Coordinators
    1. Hardware Coordinator
    2. Software Coordinator
    3. Academic Theme Coordinator
    4. Social Coordinator
    5. Secretary
    6. Mail Coordinator
    7. Health Worker
    8. House Historian
    9. Librarian [OBSOLETE]
    10. Dungeon Master
    11. Cloyne Task Force Project Coordinator(s)]
    12. Habitability Coordinator

F. Relationship Between Bylaws and House Policy

  1. Any item of House policy that conflicts with House Bylaws, BSC Bylaws, or applicable state/federal laws is invalid.
  2. The House Policy has a certain purview, which is outlined in the section titles below.  Any change to these section titles must be added to the bylaws (and thus requires a supermajority vote at two separate councils).
    1. The section titles are as follows: House Website, Boarders, Guests, Move-ins, Move-outs, Room and Parking Assignments, Walls, Room Reservation Process for House Events, Home Improvement Hours, Common Space Furniture, Private Space, and Discussion Groups.
  1. Each item in the House Policy must be directly relevant to the section heading it is under.

G. Fees, Fines, and Deposits

  1. A member may be uncooperative fined by any other member
    1. An uncooperative fine is a workshift or monetary fine that goes to the house account.  The fine may be levied by informing a house coordinator, community coordinator or house president of the fine, at which point they will inform the member who has been fined.
      1. The fine may be contested at council, where a simple majority vote of members present is required to reverse the fine.
  2. Members will be assessed a fee for replacement of lost keys and will be billed for failure to return key at the end of the contract period.
    1. $20 fee for lost house key
    2. $10 fee for room key

H. Severability

  1. If an item of these bylaws or the house policy is in conflict with BSC policy, state, or federal law, that item alone is invalid and severed from the bylaws or house policy.

[a]This is here so the website has a link to the most recent version of the bylaws. It is redundant in this doc but should stay here so it is easy to export this doc to the website.