Cloyne Court Hotel and Casino (or simply known as Cloyne) is an academic themed substance-free student-run cooperative residence. Cloyne is part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC), a student-run  nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, cooperative housing to students who would not otherwise be able to afford a college education. The BSC provides housing for over 1,300 students in the Berkeley area. Founded in 1933, the BSC is now the largest student cooperative in the nation.

The BSC and all included houses are grounded in values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracyequality, equity and solidarity. For more information on cooperatives visit this website. Cloyne does this on a grand scale with a capacity of 140 people!

House highlights! There is a garden in the court yard along with several balconies, a sauna and basketball court. Inside there are 84 residential rooms, three study rooms, an industrial sized kitchen, library, meditation room, music room, weight room and more.

Fun Fact:  Cloyne Court Hotel is a national historical landmark and Pokemon Go pokestop!