What is a substance?

A substance is defined as any intoxicating agent (except those prescribed by a doctor and consistent with state and federal law). A few examples could include alcohol, cannabis, unprescribed Adderall or cigarettes.

What does it mean to live in a substance-free house?

Residing at Cloyne Court expressly forbids the consumption of or storage of intoxicating substances (except those prescribed by a doctor and consistent with state and federal law) on the property of Cloyne Court. Consuming, storing or distributing substances while on Cloyne property are punishable up to and including termination. You are asked to limit your presence in common space while intoxicated in order to avoid creating discomfort for those members that have chosen a substance free living environment.

Members of Cloyne and their guests agree to respect this substance-free environment, abide by this policy, and actively support the enforcement of Cloyne and BSC policies related to substance use. Actively supporting the enforcement of this policy requires all members of the house to report any instances in which substances are being used or stored within Cloyne premises. Members who do not report cases are subjected to equal punishment as those who have consumed, stored or distributed substances.

For more information on Cloyne’s Substance Free Policy, click HERE.

What are resources offered for substance and substance abuse?

Every semester at Cloyne, we hold workshops and circles to educate and share knowledge about substance use to our members. In the past, we have had weekly Drug Education Circles, Consent workshops, and Cloyne Storytelling which allowed spaces for people of the house to learn about substances and the effects it has on us, as well as, the history of Cloyne involving substances. In addition to these workshops, there are many support groups and services offered through UC Berkeley and the Bay Area. Resources listed below:

UC Berkeley

Bay Area

Drafted by Maya Narumi (Community Coordinator) in Spring ’19