Member Fees and Budgets

Every semester there are a number of budgets that come either from a member fee or via our House Account. Any coordinator (or any other member) may propose a budget.

Coordinators who always* submit fees: Network (internet), Social, and Health. Coords who sometimes submit fees or budgets are: Historian, Hardware (for printer ink/paper), Garden, Dungeon, and Project. The Community Coordinator gets the Theme Budget approved by Central (for anti-oppression workshops, support circles, academic theme stuff, etc.).
*as a matter of precedent, not policy!

You get to choose the the items/services you’re proposing to be purchased, the level of discretion you have to make choices beyond Council approval, the amount per person (if a fee) or the total amount, and whether people can opt out (or opt in, and under what conditions). Of course, Council can always make amendments to your proposal.

A discretionary budget means the house is entrusting you with a certain amount of money to fulfill a particular goal (e.g., promote health, stock the makerspace, etc.). A specific budget, in contrast, is purchasing precisely what Council approves (e.g., Internet for the semester at a particular speed from a particular provider).

These budgets can come from member fees (need to be submitted by Week 3) or from the House Account. Certain coords (e.g., Academic) can also pull from the Theme Budget that the Community Coords set with the Cooperative Experience Manager at Central Office. Even though the Theme Budget doesn’t require house approval, it is cooperative to get house input and formally vote on it!

You should also consider your request with respect to our current House Account balance. You can find this by asking the Facilities Coordinator or House President, or by checking your email for the most recent of the House Account Budget Reports (HABRs).