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Hack the Basement

Cloyne is creating a workshop for projects and creativity. Every week, BSC members and residents of Cloyne meet up to discuss next steps and brainstorm project ideas.

Hackerspace meeting October 6 2014

Hackerspace meeting October 6 2014

The project’s been a long time in the works, but members are now rolling up their sleeves to prepare the space.

Hackerspace action October 11 2014

Hackerspace action October 11 2014


Join the effort every Saturday after brunch! The space benefits from more minds for ideas, and more hands to paint and clean. Members can get Home Improvement hours for helping out as well.

See you in the basement!

Decadence Acapella group Sings for Cloyne!


Last Friday evening, UC Berkeley Student Acapella Group DECADENCE joined us for dinner at Cloyne and sang/beatboxed songs afterward! One of our members of Cloyne, Meital, is a Decadence singer. The group had us out of our seats “walkin’ on sunshine” and dancing around the Great Hall.

Thanks so much, Decadence, for joining us, and we hope that you can come back again!


Cloyne hosts BSC Free Speech Revival Event on September 28th

Greetings! On Sunday, September 28th, Cloyne Hosted the annual BSC (Berkeley Student Cooperative) alumni gathering. This year, the event coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement at Cal, so all attending BSC members, alumni and friends were invited to participate and share their Free Speech-related stories.

The event lasted from 12 noon until 4 pm, and there were roughly 100 past and present BSC members in attendance. From noon until 1, lunch- prepared by current members of Cloyne- was served in the courtyard.



There was an archive gallery in the downstairs Study Room/Chapel of Cloyne. All present were invited to bring their own photos and documents to share.IMG_7185 IMG_7186

The Alumni meeting and Free Speech Revival storytelling took place in the Great Hall from 1-4.

IMG_7204 IMG_7283

Thanks to all who attended and made the event possible!