KORUZA connects Cloyne and Euclid

This Monday, a crew of excited co-opers impatiently waited for night to fall so they could begin the installation of KORUZA. Once the sun no longer lit Berkeley’s northside, the bright green laser beams of KORUZA took their turn. Through infrared laser beam communication,┬áKORUZA now wirelessly connects the largest and one of the smallest co-ops in the BSC, Cloyne and Euclid.┬áDeveloped and graciously donated by an open-hardware guru from Slovenia, KORUZA creates a innovative and darn-fast (1 billion bits per second) medium of communication from one house to another.

Ain't she beautiful?
Ain’t she beautiful?
Install Party on Euclid’s Roof
Action shot!
Cloyne's newest sweetheart
Cloyne’s newest sweetheart

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