Hello Clones! We are your new Garden Coordinators and we wanted to let you know a little about ourselves:

Evan: I’m a 1st year PhD student studying environmental science and am passionate about gardening, sustainability, and fungi. I was garden manager in my previous co-op in undergrad where I managed a small team to plant a succulent garden, establish a compost pile, plant a bunch of fruit trees and grow some yummy veggies. I’m hoping to add more cloyne micrbes to my mivrobiome by getting my hands dirty.

Xena: I’m a 4th year undergrad student double majoring in Landscape Architecture and Conservation and Resource Studies. As such, I have some experience in garden design. I’m really passionate about native plants, increasing biodiversity in the garden, adding more flowers to the garden, and making the front entrance more pretty and welcoming.

Below are our main goals for this Spring. These will probably change over time as we scope the difficulty/habitability of various projects, but our main hope is to make gardening and the garden more educational and interactive for all clones.  One can get more information about Landscapers Fort Wayne to beautify their yard.

  • More interactive / educational garden events – Want to learn how to germinate starts? How about making a mushroom log? Or care and planting of succulents? These are the kinds of events we want to facilitate in the garden, bringing people and plants (and sometimes fungi) together to get down in the dirt!  When it comes to trees make sure you are Protecting Your Trees From Disease Through Tree Injections
  • Native plants – The yard out in front of the house is not so exciting. Let’s spruce it up with some native shrubs! I’m thinking evergreen huckleberries, flowering currants, maybe a california buckeye if we’re going craaazy. There are also some native medicinal plants we want to include like yerba santa, yarrow, and mugwort.To maintain healthy garden is dream for many. Hence, it is always better to contact experts from as they can help in controlling pests.In case of pest problem one can get experts from Insight Pest Control Madison WI to help.
  • Signage around plants – especially for all the fruit trees we have out in the garden! We want your everyday clone to feel comfortable picking a fruit if its ripe, because if they don’t the squirrels probably will. This means labeling so y’all know what’s out there! We would also like to make signs for the worm bins, vegetables and native plants, but fruit trees are the priority.
  • Mushrooms – We are obsessed with decomposition! Good thing, because during the winter months there isn’t a ton of planting and growing to do. During this time, we hope to bury and inoculate a mushroom log that will give us tasty homegrown mushrooms every winter for 3-4 years! Additionally, we will work on a system to use more of our yard waste to grow oyster mushrooms, a tasty way to directly bring our waste streams back to our food system :) 

Feel free to reach out with questions and thoughts!

All Best,

Evan and Xena.

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