Moving In

We are currently at our maximum capacity for Spring 2018, but we encourage you to apply now for future semesters. If you have a contract with another BSC house and wish to transfer into Cloyne, you may trade places with a contract holding member from Cloyne. The two members would then visit Central Office to make the switch official.


Cloyne Court is one of the many units owned and operated by the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC for short). The BSC is a nonprofit cooperative providing affordable housing in houses and apartments to UC Berkeley, community college, and other full-time college students who meet certain eligibility requirements. The co-ops are an ideal place to meet new people and participate in a welcoming community. We offer housing in 20 properties near the UC Berkeley campus.

Cloyne offers students a healthy, affordable, enjoyable and fulfilling living experience. Below, you can see for yourself how Cloyne and our other coops compare to other Berkeley housing options.

Rent Comparison

The BSC offers priority to students with disabilities, international students studying abroad at UC Berkeley, and participating students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

Eligibility Requirements (Cloyne specific):

  •     Fall/Spring: Registered U.C. Berkeley students, including Freshman Extension
  •     Summer: You will be taking classes at UC Berkeley summer session

Substance Free Policy (introduced Fall 2014)

Fall 2014 marked the year that Cloyne became the official Substance Free Academic Theme House in the BSC. Cloyne residents choose and promise to abide by our Substance Free policy, which prohibits the storage and consumption of intoxicants on the property.



We are more than welcome to share our food with ya! Here are three options:


  • Full boarding
    • full access to kitchen 24/7
    • 3 hours of workshift per week required
    • cost: $1,107/semester
  • 5-Night Dinner boarding
    • join us for dinner five nights out of the week
    • 2 hours of workshift per week required
    • cost: $528/semester

On the fly:

  • Karma Box ($1 – $2 for a snack, $4 for a meal)

Boarding contracts will be available on August 20th for the Fall semester. For more information, visit BSC’s website or head straight to our Central Office. Also, feel free to email the Food Manager at for any questions you may have!

Moving In?

Looking forward to your move into the largest co-op in the nation? Sweet, we are too.

Official move in day for the Fall 2016 contract is Friday, 8/19/16. Either check in anytime on this day from 9 am – 6pm or arrange a different move in time by emailing our facilities manager at  You will be equipped with a mattress, desk, chair and dresser in your room. Don’t forget to bring your own bedding (pillow, sheets, blanket)! Upon move in, you will be placed in a temporary room for up to two weeks. Semester rooms will be allocated by the end of the two weeks.  There will be a stocked kitchen to munch out of, workshift to be done and house-adventures to be had from day one!

If this is your first time living in a BSC co-op, please review this helpful link! New Co-opers: READ THIS!

Check out the Contact Us page for directions. Contact the BSC Housing Department  at (510) 848-1936 if you have any questions whatsoever.