Digital Resources

Note: Because BSC central office does not handle internet, we have to pay for internet separately from rent. Cloyne does this via a semesterly member fee, $9/member for spring and fall, and $8.50/member for summer.

Fast, reliable internet

If you have Internet issues, please check the flow chart below. If your issue isn’t fixed, please fill out the WiFi network support form and/or email me at


Web Services

Mailing lists

As a Clone, you get to subscribe to, unsubscribe from, and even create mailing lists in-house (i.e., not Google Groups!). Here are some useful pages:

  • List index: Has all the lists that exist. You can click on individual ones to unsubscribe or subscribe, when the options allow. Note that many of these are outdated and not used (though they can always be revived!). Talk to the Network Manager ( if you need any help creating or promoting a list.
  • Request a list: Here you can submit a request to create a list for a particular purpose, which you can then either add people to or let them subscribe to by themselves.
  • My lists: Shows all the lists that you’re subscribed to, and easily allows you to unsubscribe.
  • Preferences: Allows you to change your email address that you’re subscribed to Cloyne listservs with.

Chat Server

We have a Rocket.Chat server at You can log in with Facebook or Google, or create a Cloyne-specific account. CloyneChat tutorial.


All member can post on the Cloyne blog. See tutorial slides here.

File Server

We have an OwnCloud instance for sharing files with other people in the same house only. Check out our mural archive!