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In the quarantine bunker: Days 1-3

Hello world! I’m a clone, and right now I’m being tested for SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. I’ve heard some of you are interested in what happens after you take the test. In brief the test is a mouth swab and a lot of waiting. I’m afraid you’ll have to go elsewhere to hear about the mouth swab. I’ll tell you about the waiting.

Most of my time is simply spent sitting alone and thinking. For me that isn’t much of a change from normal. I’m usually at Cloyne stressed about people, thinking on how to help them or at least not inconvenience them, often to a fault. The room I’ve been moved to is quite still. Since I’m the only one here there isn’t anyone to accidentally be rude to, and I can just exist in a quite relaxing way. While here, away from other people, I’ve been free to think about how I’m doing, the sorts of ever present stresses I’ve been carrying, how feeling bad about myself had become so constant that just feeling okay throughout the day was almost foreign, and having to face head on the thoughts of “how bad do I have to be doing before I drop out for a semester?”

There are a lot of paintings on the walls that aren’t quite done. Looking at the style they seem to be from the same person. I’m not sure who the previous resident who did them was. But I think I understand them in some degree. They finished the broad strokes of the room. But almost all the detailed parts were not quite finished. Like they started the semester with the energy and desire to do something out of the joyous energy of wanting to create something. But as time went on, things weighed down on them more, and they were never quite able to finish.

I hope they are doing okay.

A green background with the outline of an unfinished flower, that has some pencil sketches and remains of blue tape in the white negative space the flower should occupy.
Unfinished Flower
A red balloon on a green background, surrounded by simple flowers, with the string behind the words "Pretty Balloon" also in red.
Pretty Balloon