Official Records

Minutes are the official record of Cloyne Council. What does this mean?
When we start off Council by approving the minutes, this is an act of Council endorsing the minutes as accurate and thorough. By approving minutes, they become public and official: motions for policy changes, use-of-space requests, spending decisions, and more can be verified, and people’s comments can be referenced by current/future Clones. 

Our past Secretaries have been great, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been errors or important missing information in the minutes taken. The week between Councils is members’ time to make suggestions to the minutes.* What usually happens is that the Secretary uses their discretion to accept or reject suggestions. If they are not sure, they are encouraged to consult the House President, Facilities Coordinator, and/or the House (via Council or email). Folks can always check the comment history of a Google Doc to see if suggestions were accepted or rejected, though this usually isn’t a big deal because people tend to have similar enough accounts of what happened at Council.


Here are some important policies* regarding Cloyne minutes:

  • Must be approved by a vote that meets quorum in order to be official
  • Must have:
    • Exact motions and vote counts (or approximate measurements of voice votes)
    • For funding decisions in particular, what is being purchased, the budget it is being purchased from, and the amount of the purchase
    • Accurate notes of discussion, whether verbatim and/or summary
    • Motions made and votes taken in executive session
  • Must be emailed out and added to council.cloyne.org within 48 hours


drafted by Josh Lavine in Spring 2020


All minutes from and after Fall 2016 are available online at council.cloyne.org/meeting. Older council minutes can be found below:

2016 Summer

2016 Spring

2015 Fall

2015 Summer

2015 Spring

2014 Fall