Waste Guide

With 140 people in the house, a lot of flippin’ waste is made. It takes a team effort to divert as much as we can from landfills and keep our bins from overflowing.
If you have have something you don’t want/need anymore, there’s roughly seven places it could end up: cardboard & mixed paper, mixed recycling, soft plastic, compost, free pile, our dish supply or landfill
Cardboard + Mixed Paper
Self explanatory. Please flatten cardboard boxes; if they are quite large (i.e., can’t fit into bin), please take out to trash area outside. Please no wet paper towels, those should instead go into compost.
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Mixed Recycling
This is take care a lot of our waste. This bin loves to munch on Plastics 1-7, scrap metal (e.g., aluminum, steel, tin) and glass (if broken, wrap/bag in paper). Please no plastic bags or paper products.
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Soft Plastic
We accumulate so much of this that we take it to a recycler that specializes in it. This consists of plastic bags, bread bags, plastic wrap, saran wrap– really anything that you know is plastic and is soft (thin/scrunchable – you get it).
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These bins are located in the kitchen as well as our restrooms. Kitchen compost bins accept all food stuffs that would be floating around in the kitchen; raw food bits, food that’s gone bad, scraps and such. Wet paper towels that don’t have harsh chemicals on them are also invited into the VIP Compost Club- that is why we keep bins in our restrooms!
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Free Pile
Down in our Dungeon (basement in West Wing), you will find a magical room called the Free Pile. This is a place where we share functional/usable items. Anything you might have that you think someone could use again in some which way or another, then put in down here. #upcycle **historical finds: laptops, dank clothes, costumes
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Dish Supply
At Cloyne, we love our jars and reusable containers. Good thing we happen to buy a shitton of them through the food stuffs we consume. Clean these items so they can be reused!
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Last and definitely least is landfill. If you’re recycling carefully, you probably won’t utilize this that much. Though, there are some items that are destined for landfills, such as: chip bags, candy wrappers, ceramic dishes, candles in glass, dried paint etc.
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Specialty recycling:
Milk Cartons – in kitchen foyer near recycling bins. Please empty before depositing
Grease- left room of pots/supply room. Please dump used grease in these buckets (it’s used to make biodeisel- DOPE!)
E-Waste– in kitchen foyer. We collect all old electronics, batteries, light bulbs and hardware!
Please use your best judgement when wasting in the house and feel free to ask anyone where an item should go!

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