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Crew! Crew! Crew!

The permanent workshift assignment is upon us! Please fill out the interest forms for any crews you are interested in! Please keep in mind that as a productive and cooperative member of this community, we all have to do at least 5 hours of workshift each week! We have some fun opportunities for everyone, and please feel free to contact any of the coordinators for clarification!

Please note, that some of those positions may have already been filled. Thus you may not necessarily get your first choices. We will work hard to coordinate with everyone to make your workshift dreams come true!

The available crews, in descending order of priority, are:
1. Cook Crew! Food Coords: clokm2@bsc.coop
Please see the attached schedule for already assigned shifts for availability and/or conflicts!

2CFS Crew! Workshift Coords: clowm@bsc.coop

3. Leftover Putaway Crew! Kitchen Coords: clokm1@bsc.coop

4. IKC Crew! Kitchen Coords: clokm1@bsc.coop

5. Food Stockers Crew! Food Coords: clokm2@bsc.coop

6. TRC Crew! WRMs: clorm@bsc.coop

7. Maintenance Crew! Maintenance Coords: clomm@bsc.coop and clomm1@bsc.coop

8. AOC Crew!: Community coords: clocm@bsc.coop and clocm2@bsc.coop

9. Garden Crew! House Coord: clohm1@bsc.coop

10. Network Crew! Network Coords: clonm@bsc.coop

Compiled by Miranda, House Coordinator