Cloyne Cinema Manifesto

In fall 2013, the Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley ran a series titled “Film 50: History of Cinema,” featuring films by Hitchcock, Buñuel, Godard, and the like. Of the fourteen films, only one was directed by a woman (Agnès Varda), and none came from south of the Equator. Whose “history of cinema” does the series represent?

Welcome, friend, to the Cloyne Cinema, a space where other histories of cinema can be told and made. Here, directors have first names. Here, hands are made of flesh — nobody has golden palms. Here, laurel leaves are eaten with soup. Because solidarity transcends the binary schema of high and low culture.

Everybody is a curator. All curation is personal and political. Everybody is a critic. All criticism is personal and political. Everybody is a producer. Watching, talking, sharing is producing. All production is reproduction.

Come produce a journey together. Bring your own minds and hearts. You have substance.

Photography is fabrication. And cinema is fabrication twenty-four times per second.


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