KORUZA connects Cloyne and Euclid

This Monday, a crew of excited co-opers impatiently waited for night to fall so they could begin the installation of KORUZA. Once the sun no longer lit Berkeley’s northside, the bright green laser beams of KORUZA took their turn. Through infrared laser beam communication, KORUZA now wirelessly connects the largest and one of the smallest co-ops in the BSC, Cloyne and Euclid. Developed and graciously donated by an open-hardware guru from Slovenia, KORUZA creates a innovative and darn-fast (1 billion bits per second) medium of communication from one house to another.

Ain't she beautiful?
Ain’t she beautiful?
Install Party on Euclid’s Roof
Action shot!
Cloyne's newest sweetheart
Cloyne’s newest sweetheart

Tomatoes are booomin!

Our tomato plants are fruiting like there’s no tomorrow. On your way to the kitchen, grab some of these babies and some cool herbs to make your co-op dish even more co-op-y!

*SNAPS* to Spring Garden Manager, Claire Parker, plus her wonderful garden crew!

picked from the back yard!
picked from the back yard!

Thanksgiving at Cloyne – 2014

Decor by Sophie
Decor by Sophie

Many Clones left this week to spend Thanksgiving with their friends and family, and the air in the house the last few days has been one of anticipation. Freedom from tests, lectures, quizzes, essays, disussion groups, annoying roommates, and (for a lucky few) workshift.

There were homemade decorations (super adorable, thanks Sophie!)

IMG_7459 IMG_7481 IMG_7501

We had a lot of laughs

We know what you’re thinking, but we promise it’s sparkling apple cider.

A lot of food

IMG_7494 IMG_7496

Some super cute photo ops

IMG_7473 IMG_7488IMG_7454

And some great surprises.

Is... is that baked brie?!
Is… is that baked brie?!

But really, we know that the we miss our housemates!

So quiet. So empty.
So quiet. So empty.
Hello? Anybody home?
Hello? Anybody home?
No one's coming through the door anymore.
No one’s coming through the door anymore.

So have a great Thanksgiving, and come home safe!

Moo Cow misses you!
Moo Cow misses you!

You’re Invited to Join CLIT Today!

We’re excited to announce Cloyne Literature (CLIT). CLIT is a member led book club that’s all about discussion and encouragement. We’ll select a work or works to read during each break (Spring, Summer, Winter), and enjoy a space where we can have simple discussions or in-depth analysis, or nothing at all. We’re in our early stages, but we’re excited to get feedback from current and incoming members about what they’d like to see in this space.

Our inaugural book is Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. It’s about 420 pages of awesomeness (we’re told) and we want to get through it over winter break and have check ins and discussions online. Basically, we’re going to start on December 20th and read about 25 pages a day.

To give you a little background on the book, here’s a Wikipedia link and a link to SparkNotes. Full disclosure, this book was originally written in Spanish and later translated to English. Folks have told me that if you know Spanish, it is worth it to read the novel in the original language. If you don’t, there will be folks in the group who will read the English version.
You can buy the English version on Amazon for about $3.00 used.
The Spanish version will run you about $5.00 used.
If you’d like to join CLIT, sign up on the google doc so we know to keep in touch! We’re also thinking about something short to read together during spring break, and we’re planning on doing an Infinite Summer (where a bunch of people get together and try to plod through David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest) next year.