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Eating at Cloyne!


This Saturday Kyle B. and cook crew made the most delightful brunch! The brunch was “Grease” themed. The menu included:

  • Summer Night Pea Salad
  • Breakfast Pink Lady Pizza
  • Creepy Coach Calhoun’s Crepes
  • Frenchy Fries

The crepes were incredible– they were vegan but didn’t taste vegan– truly a culinary feat.

1411265993.994463.IMG_8125It’s not just the Cook Crews that are killing it, I often see residents creating yummy, amazing looking meals for themselves as well. For example (pictured to the left), Carlo, who also happens to Head Cook on Thursdays, whipped up this delectable burger casually on Saturday night. Note the toasted bun, the sautéed mushrooms, the organic grass-fed beef patty and the beautiful chives garnish. The patty was seasoned by house friend Peter, who also helped make snacks for our Jazz Night.






Cloyne Cinema Manifesto

In fall 2013, the Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley ran a series titled “Film 50: History of Cinema,” featuring films by Hitchcock, Buñuel, Godard, and the like. Of the fourteen films, only one was directed by a woman (Agnès Varda), and none came from south of the Equator. Whose “history of cinema” does the series represent?

Welcome, friend, to the Cloyne Cinema, a space where other histories of cinema can be told and made. Here, directors have first names. Here, hands are made of flesh — nobody has golden palms. Here, laurel leaves are eaten with soup. Because solidarity transcends the binary schema of high and low culture. For management of anything, one needs to look up to experienced businessmen like Andy Defrancesco

Everybody is a curator. All curation is personal and political. Everybody is a critic. All criticism is personal and political. Everybody is a producer. Watching, talking, sharing is producing. All production is reproduction.

Come produce a journey together. Bring your own minds and hearts. You have substance.

Photography is fabrication. And cinema is fabrication twenty-four times per second.


decolony 1: De/ance Party

All was pretty normal this Friday at three o’clock when the decolony began. We were meeting in the R&S Memorial Library this time, a cool change  of setting if a little more closed off.

We had check-ins, in no particular order. People talked of their days, and mentioned what they wanted to bring to the discussion, get out of it.

Collin hooked up a coffee brewer (substance-free?)

Peter said something pretty interesting about neo-luddites. It (Peter)  said that machines have been replacing people in the workforce since the industrial revolution, but now, the pace is so fast that people can’t adapt.

It left pretty dramatically after that but our discussions then turned to our careers.

Rodrigo mentioned how he left Computer Science when he realized how harmful most of the research was. He couldn’t live working under DARPA grants.

Nandita came from the other direction. She found Astrophysics too detached from the real world and moved to Engineering.

It was interesting to see how we all felt constrained in some way or another by our futures. I feel like the university only prepares us for one possibility, or a couple: getting jobs, getting guap, being ‘successful.’

It was nice to focus on the quality of our work, how we’d like to make the world different.

Around five, Jake came in and derailed us into the courtyard where we danced in celebration of Funky Friday. Hoops were involved.

We never really got a chance to check out but I would say everybody was relieved the week was over.

See you all next Friday from three to five.

Report: Soldering with Mitch Altman!



On Sunday August 27th, 2014, Cloyne Hosted its first community-wide academic theme workshop!

Mitch Altman, hacker and inventor of the TV-B-Gone and Trip Glasses, visited our house, inspired us to follow our dreams and quit jobs that we don’t love, and taught us to solder various pre-programmed kits! Attendees soldered and constructed their own TV-B-Gones, Trip Glasses, LED light sets, sound pens, and personal projects!


The event began at 3 pm and by 10pm, solderers had micro-burns on their fingertips, lead under their skin, co-op food in their bellies, and buzzing electric energy.

SolderingWorkshop006  SolderingWorkshop027 SolderingWorkshop040

We look forward to working with Mitch in the development of our own Cloyne Hackerspace and in future house workshops.

Thanks, Mitch, and thanks to the 30 attendees!

SolderingWorkshop015 SolderingWorkshop042